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10 Easy Workout Hacks For Busy Moms

10 Easy Workout Hacks For Busy Moms

Workout Tips

By theagr

Too Busy To Work Out?

For such a busy mom, it's hard to find time to go to the gym and keep our bodies fit. A lot of people say it's easy to be a mom and still workout daily but it honestly sounds harder than it sounds. That's why I researched workout hacks that will be perfect for moms like me. From using the right equipment to dressing your best, I compiled 10 easy workout hacks for busy moms! If you follow these steps, working out shouldn't be as hard anymore.


Working Out Despite A Busy Schedule

While there are a lot of workout hacks out there, most of them don't factor in the busy lifestyle of moms. Aside from our daily tasks in the house, child-care also falls on our shoulders. Here are the 10 easy workout hacks for busy moms.

Tip #1 Workout At A Specific Time

Most experts will say that you should work out first thing in the morning but this just doesn't work for a lot of moms. Mornings are our busiest time of the day. We have to cook breakfast, ready the children to school, and clean up the mess left behind.

Set a specific time so that you can start a habit of working out daily on the time you specified. It will help you stick to your schedule better! This time can be different for every mom. It doesn't have to be mornings after waking up, as most people suggest. I usually do it after the kids have gone to school. The best time to exercise is when you're finally alone in your house and no one else needs your attention.

Tip #2 The 21 Days Habit

Sometimes, we do everything right and still find ourselves getting lazy after a few days of working out. Why is it so hard to exercise continuously? Well, it turns out that you have to train yourself to make working out a habit.

Science says that it takes 21 days for you to develop a habit. That is why the first 21 days of your work out plan is the most important. You cannot skip any of these days. The first week was hell for me. Admittedly, I missed a few workout days at first and I have to restart my 21-day exercise. However, after a few tries, I was able to make it through the 21 days and now, my day isn't complete when I don't work out.

Tips #3 Use Applications!

Speaking of my 21-day habit, I used different applications on my phone to help me. I've set a target on my Google calendar to keep track of my days. It helped me a lot. There are other applications that you can use that can fit your specific needs. You can download audiobooks to listen to while running around the neighborhood or listen to Spotify podcasts, There are also a lot of workout apps that gives you a daily routine and reminder for unique to you and your body type. Technology is your best friend when you want to stay fit and healthy.

Tip #4 Feel Good About Your Appearance

Okay, I have a guilty pleasure of spending way too much on clothes. I just love looking pretty. So I bought myself comfortable and fashionable workout clothes. I am more motivated to work out more when I'm feeling sexy in my clothes. I also do a dumbbell routine in front of the mirror. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing my muscles flex!

Tip #5 Try The Weighted Hula Hoops

You can use hula hoops while watching over your kids while doing their assignments or while watching your favorite Netflix show. 10 minutes of using weighted hula hoops can already burn a lot of calories!

Tip #6 Reward Time

It's nice to have cheat days once in a while. You don't have to constantly push yourself to the limit. Make working out fun and exciting by rewarding yourself after a milestone. If you lost a pound, you can treat yourself with a Friday night Netflix binge with some wine. When I achieved my target weight, I immediately went to a spa for a me-time!

Tip #7 Include Your Family In Your Routine

If your children are old enough to exercise, be a good influence on your kids and do some exercise routines together. Teaching them on weekends how to do a pushup or a plank can be a fun activity that can help you bond with them.

Tip #8 Join And Follow The Community

There is a growing number of moms who want to stay fit and healthy. A lot of Instagram influencers post daily updates about their journey. Follow these people to get inspired! Joining a community on Facebook or constantly reading blogs for moms is a great way to help you feel motivated about your goals.

Tip #9 Challenge Yourself With A Pull-up Bar

Hang a pull-up bar in one of the doorways you use the most and challenge yourself to do at least one pull-up every time you pass by that door. After a period of time, add more pull-ups into the equation! In no time, you will see your upper body strength increase and your muscles will be more toned.

Tip #10 Create A Mini Gym

You can recreate the gym feel in your own home! Of course, the gym vibes helps in motivating you to work out. This is why it's a good idea to recreate a mini gym in your room. It doesn't have to be fancy, you just need to have a mirror, a few exercise equipment, and probably a yoga mat laid down.

Start Your Journey Now

Admittedly, I had a few problems when I started working out. It's really hard to balance family life and my personal hobbies. But after a series of trials and errors, the tips I mentioned above really helped me achieve my goals. Today, I can't imagine a day when I don't workout! If I was able to do it, I bet you can start your fitness goals journey now.
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