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Can you keep sea turtles as pets?

Can you keep sea turtles as pets?

Can you keep Sea Turtles as Pets

By ralucabgdn

As I was watching a documentary about the beautiful sea turtles, with all those attractive colors and engaging personalities, swimming gently in the sea, I have begun to ask myself, can you keep sea turtles as pets?

You cannot keep a sea turtle as a pet because it is on the list of endangered species. Most of them are in a protected class and have a big size in adulthood, and it would be impossible to provide for them an adequate aquarium inside your house. The only possibility to keep a sea turtle in your home is if you are helping it. For example, if you found an injured sea turtle, you can take care of it until it is healed up and can be released back in its natural environment.

Well since you can't have a sea turtle as a pet, get a turtle at the pet store!

you can find at the pet store some beautiful turtles that are not endangered and don't grow much, that are a perfect fit for your house, as long as you do your homework first and find out the proper conditions they need and see if you can provide those for it. But let's find out more about keeping a turtle as a pet.

Is A Turtle A Good Pet?

Once you have found an adequate turtle, you may ask yourself if it is a good pet. I have also wondered this, and I researched to find out the answer. It turns out that turtles can make exquisite pets if you are willing to provide for them all the conditions they need. They require less work than cats and dogs and are far more interactive than fish. But you should take note of the fact that they require more maintenance and space than you can believe in the beginning.

They can grow quite big and live for decades, so it is best to consider this before deciding to keep a turtle as a pet. Also, they need proper food, a large tank, professional filtration systems, ultraviolet light, heat. The investment is significant, and you have to think of all the accessories needed to make sure that your pet turtle has all the necessities covered.

Are Pet Turtles Safe For Kids?

If you have kids, you have to be a little precautious. Many turtles carry salmonella, so it is essential to pay extra attention after you touched them, to wash your hands thoroughly. It is necessary to have a proper hygiene protocol to avoid contamination with salmonella. Also, they have a powerful bite when they feel in danger. They don't want much human contact, and you have to touch them only when you clean the tank. Otherwise, they might feel stressed and react badly, bitting you.

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Riley - June 5, 2020

I didn’t know the pet turtles carried salmonella – yuck. And they live for years, that’s also kinda insane. I’m not sure I’d want the commit to something like that so it’s good you pointed that out! Reminds me of birds, some live for decades. I love birds but I’m not exactly sure I’d wanna grow old with them haha, I guess if I had the time and patience to give them attention everyday then I would.

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