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DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners That Sell

DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners That Sell

DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners That Sell

Are you looking for some easy and fun woodworking projects to tackle this weekend? Look no further than these 31 beginner-friendly projects from a talented woodworker and YouTube creator.

  1. Bread Bowl Knives This project involves making a set of knives perfect for slicing through crusty bread. The blades can be purchased online or from a bulk supplier.

  2. Surfing Board Made using a CNC machine, the plans for this surfing board are available for download. Don't have a CNC machine? Check out the creator's YouTube channel, where he gives them away!

  3. Propagation Station This project uses copper pipes to create a stylish and functional plant propagation station.

  4. Salt Seller This salt seller is a great gift idea or even something to sell at a market. It's simple to make and looks great in any kitchen.

  5. Serving Board This serving board is large enough to double as a charcuterie board. It matches with other cutting boards and can be hung on a wall for a stylish display.

  6. Coffee Scoop Clip This clip is perfect for sealing bags of coffee and can also be used to scoop out the perfect amount of grounds for your morning cup of joe.

  7. Topo Coasters These coasters feature carved topographical reliefs and are made from scrap wood.

  8. Grill Scraper Bottle Opener This handy tool not only scrapes the grime off your grill but also doubles as a bottle opener.

  9. Wooden Whisk This simple project results in a stylish whisk that's perfect for beating eggs and other light kitchen tasks.

  10. Apple Spike Bird Feeder Station This bird feeder station is made from durable polycarbonate and uses an apple as a base.

  11. Votive Candle Holders These holders are easy to make using a forstner bit or a CNC machine.

  12. Candlestick Holder This holder is great for both candles and as a decorative element in a fireplace during the warmer months.

  13. Herb Stripper This project uses scrap wood to create an herb stripper with different size holes and indents for easy herb removal.

  14. Marble Boards These boards are perfect for entertaining and are easy to make with a CNC machine or hand router.

  15. Stacking Men These tiny stacking men are a great batch project for those with a CNC machine.

  16. Dice Bowl Tray This tray is perfect for tabletop role-playing games but can also double as a catch-all tray.

  17. Ring Box This slim ring box is perfect for engagement rings and features a brass barrel hinge.

  18. Tic-Tac-Toe Board This board features individual pieces that slot onto the board and can be stored in a box.

  19. Ring Dish This dish is made from red cedar and features a compass rose engraving in the center.

  20. Soap Dish This dish is modeled after the ring dish and is also made from rot-resistant red cedar.

  21. Incense Holder This holder is made from walnut and brass and features integrated storage for extra incense and matches.

  22. Trivet This trivet is shaped like a pill and is perfect for casseroles and hot dishes.

  23. Safe Wooden Knife for Children This knife features a magnet to keep it securely in place when not in use and is a great way to teach children how to chop safely.

  24. Toaster Tongs These tongs feature a magnet for easy storage on the fridge and are a great gift idea.

  25. Scrap Wood Spatula This spatula is made from scrap wood and is perfect for cooking in the kitchen.

  26. Kitchen Colander or Strainer This colander is designed to hang on the wall and matches the serving board perfectly.

  27. Lacing Toys These lacing toys are a great way to teach children dexterity and fine motor skills.

  28. Triple Box This box features three compartments and is a great project to sell at markets or gift to friends.

  29. Toy Bow and Arrow This fun project uses plywood, dowels, and felt balls to create a safe toy for kids.

  30. Magnetic Bottle Opener This bottle opener features a hand-stamped brass coin and magnets to keep it securely on the fridge.

In conclusion, these 30 DIY woodworking projects are perfect for beginners looking to get their feet wet in the world of woodworking. With a variety of projects, from kitchen gadgets to toys, there's something for everyone. So why not spend your weekend creating something beautiful and functional? Head over to the creator's Etsy shop and get started on your next project today!

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DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners That Sell
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