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The Best Family T-Shirts for the Holidays

Holiday Gifts to Share (& Wear!) : The Best Family T-Shirts for the Holidays

If you're like most people in the US this year, you'll spend around $900 on gifts for yourself and your family. Some of those gifts will go back (why can't you ever find the right gift for your teenage niece?) while others will sit on bookshelves collecting dust for years to come (we're looking at you grandsons!). 

But this year, you've decided to switch things up. Because instead of gifts that no one really wants, you're getting the whole family t-shirts in which to deck the halls and ring in the New Year!

Your family is entirely unique, though. And choosing the perfect holiday tee is becoming more complicated than the family cheesecake recipe. You're in luck today because we've compiled this list of t-shirts ideal for even the weirdest families out there.

Ready to discover the holiday family t-shirt that'll fit your sometimes wacky (but always wonderful) life? Then keep reading our guide to the top designs. 

For the Family That Loves to Laugh

Expect to come home for the holidays to an aching stomach from loads of laughter? Then you and your family will love a funny (or punny) family Christmas tee. Feature "Frosty the Fro-man" or tell everyone "Merry Christmas Y'all" from country Santa for shirts your hilarious family will be laughing at 'til the New Year.

Funny Pun Shirt 

For the Family Who Keeps it Classy

Your family prefers wine at Christmas over beer. And who brought those heinous red solo cups when there are crystal glasses instead? If there's one thing for sure, your family is always keeping it classy and your holiday t-shirts are no exception.

Luckily, there are tasteful dark green and burgundies to fit your fancy. Instead of bejeweled bolds, you can choose elegant scripts and delicate cursive to display your "Merry Christmas" message. As long as it's classy, your family will be happy to sport matching family t-shirts under your fur jackets and cashmere coats this year. 

For the Family that Loves Disney

Your family waited in line all night to get those tickets to the premiere of Frozen. And forget about all those annoying holiday tunes! When Christmas rolls around this year, your family will be playing all your favorite songs from Disney Christmas classics.  

Why not reflect your love of Disney, your family, and the holidays-- all on one family t-shirt! 

From tees displaying all the most beloved Disney characters to t-shirts with everyone's favorite summer-loving singing snowman, there's a holiday tee for every Disney enthusiast family. And as a lifelong fan of Walt and the gang, you already know you'll be forking up extra for those familiar and nostalgic faces. 

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For the Family Experiencing Christmas Firsts

Are you and your family welcoming a new baby? What better way to show off this exciting new time in your lives than with holiday t-shirts to record this momentous occasion? From shirts that say "Baby's First Christmas" to styles for new grandparents, a family Christmas tee is a must for welcoming new members of the family. 

For the Family that Can't Get Enough Christmas Tunes

Does your family love to deck the halls with boughs of holly? How about riding through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh? Or maybe you prefer rocking' around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop?

However you prefer your Christmas tunes, the family will love them even more on a family t-shirt. You can find tees with your favorite lyrics. Or you can find more humorous versions that make a play on your favorite holiday tunes. 

For instance, has your family no fear about Grandma getting run over by a reindeer? Then maybe they'll appreciate a t-shirt that says, "Our grandma ain't scared of no reindeer." How's that for making spirits bright?

For the Family that Likes to Keep it Simple

This year, minimalist holiday t-shirt designs are all the rage. And that's good news for you and your family since you guys prefer the simple things in life. You don't want a holiday family t-shirt that just screams Christmas.

Instead, a simple patterned reindeer shirt works just fine for you. If you're really feeling frisky this holiday season, you may even want that reindeer decal made from holiday plaid. And if we haven't lost you yet, you may even consider a simple "Merry Christmas from the Minimalist Family," too.

For the Family that Christmas Vacations Together

You know what they say: the family that vacations together stays together. Let us recommend a new adage this holiday season: the family that makes Christmas vacation t-shirts together stays together. 

But in all seriousness, holiday vacation family tees are an excellent way to keep up with the whole crew while you're away. Grab some starlight-yellow shirts or neon tree-green. This is especially helpful for families with small children that tend to disappear faster than Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve.

Even if you don't need to keep up with your family, holiday vacation shirts are a great reminder that you're all there together. In a world of increasingly online relationships, keep your family close, and engaged with a gift that screams togetherness. 

For the Family that Loves Their Furry Friends

Perhaps it's just you and the pets this year. Or maybe it's always you and the pets-- and that's just the way you like it.

However you prefer your furry friend holidays, one thing's for sure: there's no better way to celebrate than with a family t-shirt featuring everyone's favorite snuggle bunnies.  

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