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How Deep Do Beginner Scuba Divers Go?

How Deep Do Beginner Scuba Divers Go?

How Deep Do Beginner Scuba Divers Go?How Deep Do Beginner Scuba Divers Go?

A beginner scuba diver can go to 60 feet! They need to do a course which is quite intense, and an instructor has to make sure they can be safe. It's not the same as deep sea diving but it still needs some training to be safe.

How do beginner scuba divers get to 60 feet deep?

If you want to scuba dive and do the beginners course, you have to do quite a bit before you actually get down that deep. There are professional instructors that are qualified to teach scuba diving. They put you in a class and give you some lessons on what scuba is, what ocean diving is and what happens when you go deep diving. This all prepares you for when you go out into the ocean to go scuba diving. Don't worry though, they don't stop at this!

They then make sure you can use the scuba diving equipment before you go into the ocean diving. So they put you in a swimming pool, or in the ocean, but in a really safe place. This is so you can practice using the scuba diving equipment.

The instructor has to give you some skills to do in case you run into problems when you are on the scuba equipment. They also make sure you can swim around with your equipment and use it properly to stay safe when ocean diving.

After that, then you can go and do some diving in the deep ocean. They take you out into the sea and you use scuba and go on a deeper dive. This is when they make sure will be okay when you get to 60 feet. So, it's quite a bit of work but not too long before you can be swimming with the fish and cruising with some turtles.

What happens now that I can dive to 60 feet?

Now that the instructor has given you the thumbs up - you passed your beginner course and get a certification card. This means you can take it to any dive shop and ask to go for a scuba dive.

But, they don't expect you to just go and get an air tank then go off on your own. In fact, they absolutely won't let you do this. When scuba diving you always have to go with someone else who's qualified to dive. They also say you should go with a professional scuba diving guide, especially early on when you are a real beginner. Just like driving a car, you still have a lot to learn if you've only just passed your scuba diving course.

The ocean is huge too, and ocean diving can be very different in different places. In the Caribbean it's nice and warm. You can scuba dive in really clear water, and maybe only need to wear your shorts and a t-shirt. Sounds nice doesn't it?! If you dive up in the northern USA or way up in Canada it can be totally different. The water's really cold, dark, and murky and you need extra training.

What equipment do beginner scuba divers need to dive to 60 feet?

Actually, it's the same gear that you need as an experienced diver:

There's a tank that gives you the air underwater. Then there's this bit of kit which you put on the tank to breathe with. Sounds complicated, but they say it's really quite simple - put it in your mouth and breathe normally and suddenly you can stay underwater. Amazing!

And, remember you've gotta be able to see too! When we go swimming we can wear our goggles to help us see underwater. In scuba diving they have a mask which is similar to a pair of goggles, but specially designed for scuba diving. A jacket too that you can fill with air and that stops you sinking really deep...

There's some other bits and pieces too; like a special computer that looks like a big watch. It tells you how long you are scuba diving for, and how deep you've been. Because you're only trained to 60 feet you are not supposed to go any deeper.

With all this gear they make you stick big paddles on your feet called fins. Then you can glide around in the water like a mermaid!

Phew! That's quite a bit of gear right there - no wonder you have to get proper training,

They say you can go scuba diving on a boat right off the beach. There's lots of things to see either way, it just depends on what's close by or whether you need to go by boat. Scuba diving in the ocean all sounds like a great adventure.


So, that's how deep a beginner scuba diver can go - 60 feet.

Not crazy deep like what I saw on T.V., but still it sounds like deep sea diving to me! And if you want want to do it you must get trained by a professional instructor. There's a lot of ways to be safe in the water it seems, but you can certainly get it wrong if you're haven't followed a course.

They say it's really fun. Like going to outer space because you float around weightless. Y'know, you can move in 3D too, which sounds really neat.

So, for sure I'll be checking out scuba diving next time I am on holiday. It sounds like an incredible experience, right? - floating around like an astronaut and checking out all the amazing fish and other things that live in the ocean.

If I do it though it's going to be the clear, warm waters of the Caribbean though. That sounds like real fun to me. I'll see you at 60 feet!

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How Deep Do Beginner Scuba Divers Go?

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