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The 12 Best Aunt and Uncle Gifts

The 12 Best Aunt and Uncle Gifts

Did you know that July 26 is Aunt and Uncle Day

12 Of The Best Aunt Gifts

Okay, so maybe it's not that well-known, but it gives you another excuse to celebrate your aunt's (or uncle's) awesomeness, which is always a good thing, right? And what better way to do that than by giving them the best gifts.

Speaking of the best gifts though, do you find it hard to shop for your awesome aunt or uncle? Maybe they have everything they need or perhaps you just want to give them something truly special.

Either way, you know that the best aunt and uncle gifts require a bit of research. To help you out, here are some ideas that will have you in the running for the most thoughtful niece or nephew.

1. Special Coffee Mug 

A lot of people have too many mugs in their cabinets, and they probably already have a favorite that they use every day. It doesn't mean, however, that a mug can't be something more.

You just have to think outside the box. For example, you can fill this aunt black coffee mug with her favorite teas or turn it into a planter. You can also use it as a holder for a cinnamon bun bouquet or a scented candle.

Only The Best Sisters Get Promoted To Aunt

2. Books

Giving your aunt or uncle books suggests you've thought about what they like and looked specifically for titles that cater to their preferences. If that doesn't spell thoughtfulness, we don't know what will.

To make your search easier, check out book subscription boxes. A lot of these book clubs will send their members selections based on their literary preferences.

3. Funny Shirt

If your aunt or uncle's like "I'm not like a regular aunt/uncle," they might have watched Mean Girls one too many times, or they're the real deal.

To celebrate their coolness, why not get them a funny shirt they can wear like a boss? For double the laughter, get this t-shirt for yourself so you can go twinning with your fun aunt.

Don't Make Me Act Like My Aunt Shirt

4. Spa and Wellness Gift Cards

Does it seem like your aunt or uncle takes care of everyone but themselves? Give them the gift of relaxation with the best spa and wellness gift cards. 

To make sure your aunt or uncle would use them, purchase a dollar amount instead of a specific treatment. This way, they can choose the type of pampering they want (e.g. facials, massages, medical treatments, and so on).

5. Patriotic Gifts

So your favorite aunt or uncle happens to love all things American.

You can support their love for the country by giving them the best patriotic gifts like these American flag car seat covers.

American Flag Car Seat Covers

6. Bucket List Experiences

Maybe your aunt or uncle has always wanted to try skydiving or exploring a cave in a faraway country. If your budget allows it, why not be the genie to their Aladdin and make at least one of their wishes come true?

Now, if you're not flush with cash, you can still gift them with something similar like a pub crawl, rock climbing, or a bread-making class. 

7. Hooded Blanket

You're not imagining it. Winters are getting colder

To help keep your favorite aunt and uncle warm during the winter months, gift them with a hooded blanket in a print they'll love. Since hooded blankets are super versatile, your aunt and uncle will love taking theirs with them anywhere.

Tip: Hooded blankets work great as a stadium cushion, table cover, and rain poncho. 

Sugar Skull Hooded Blanket

8. Printed Sneakers

No matter the occasion, a fresh pair of kicks makes for a great gift all year long. That's because sneakers are practical, comfortable, timeless, and excellent as a last-minute gift. 

Don't just grab any pair though if you can find one online that can be customized, and make sure they're lightweight but durable enough for everyday use.

9. Personalized Phone Case

Some people know they need a new phone case, but for some reason never get around to buying one. If your aunt or uncle's like this, now's your chance to gift them something you know they'll be using immediately.

It's even better if it's customized. Now, if you're buying online, try to go for those that are made with eco-friendly, animal-safe, materials and has RFID protection material built into the case. 

10. Unique Jewelry

There's nothing quite as memorable as receiving jewelry from a loved one, and when the piece is one of a kind, it becomes even more special. 

Take this photo-etched heart necklace as an example. Every piece is truly unique because it's hand-crafted and made with the photo you'll provide. You can also choose between two different finishes: 316 steel or 18k gold finish.

As for your fave uncle, a personalized dog tag option is also available.

11. Heartfelt Keychain

This Aunt Keychain chain will give your aunty a reminder of your love for here every time she picks up her keys

Aunt Pendant

This awesome pendant comes with your aunt's birthstone! Floating Living Memory Locket Pendant + 1 * Top Quality Snake Chain + 2 * Delicate Plate + Full Set of 12 Simulated Birthstone Color Crystal Charms + Charms Set - All in an elegant jewelry gift box come with a beautiful greeting card which you can write a few words of sweetly blessing. 

Bonus: Some Tips for Giving the Best Aunt and Uncle Gifts

When you know what your aunts or uncles love, gift-giving is easy. But if they're super hard to buy for, you need to be more creative.

Lucky for you, there are several approaches you can try. One is to go the problem-solving route. This involves visualizing what problem the receiver could have and finding a product or service that will solve that. 

Let's say your aunt or uncle is always complaining about their phone's battery. Rather than giving them a new phone, which could be way out of your budget, why not gift them with a super long charging cable?

Another way is to keep an eye and ear out all year long. Yes, this will require time and patience, but the payoff is worth it. Just be super attentive so you won't miss anything your uncle or aunt could be dropping off as hints. 

If all else fails, choose something practical that you know everyone uses - a big box of batteries, a multi-use pocket tool, toilet night light, etc.

Looking for More Awesome Gifts?

Now that you have some ideas for what to give your best aunt and uncle for their birthday, the holidays, or Aunt and Uncle Day, why not look around for gifts to give other members of your family?

We have tons of ideas for your grandma, grandpa, siblings, and so on. For more unique gifts, don't forget to browse our collections. You can also email if you have questions about purchasing any of our items.

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