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Top 5 Best Shore Fishing In Hawaii

Top 5 Best Shore Fishing In Hawaii

Top 5 Best Shore Fishing In Hawaii


As you relax on a beach in Hawaii, you might think to yourself, "Wouldn't this place be great for some shore fishing?" If you do, you could go and look around for some of the best places for shore fishing that the locals and tourists both enjoy. You might stumble across these 5 unique places during your research called Spencer Beach, Anaeho'omalu, Keahou, Hanalei, and Black Rock. And you might find that it's even better than you could have imagined!



What is Shore Fishing?

I guess I should give a brief introduction to shore fishing for those who don't really know the concept. Fishing in Hawaii can be done deep in see via large fishing vessels, or it can be done just a little ways from the shore with smaller, more personal boats. There's another way you can fish, though, and that's shore fishing! It's pretty much exactly how you think it would be, just judging from the name alone!


Shore fishing is a popular way to catch fish. It's different from deep water fishing because you usually don't use a boat and instead cast your line from the shoreline. It can be done by anyone who has access to a beach, park, or pier like the ones in Hawaii. You just need to find a good spot with plenty of fish and then cast your line out into the water. Just remember to check first with the authorities if you're allowed to fish in that area. After all, nobody wants to get arrested on their vacation. Yikes!


How to Do Shore Fishing?

You might be intimidated by the sound of fishing, but there's nothing to be afraid of! It's really relatively easy, and it doesn't take much effort from you at all. Shore fishing is a popular fishing technique because it uses the shoreline as a base for fishing instead of having to hop on a boat or go on a fishing trip. It can be done right from wherever you're relaxing on the beach, or you could find a nice cliff or some remarkable rocks to cast your line from.


For Hawaii fishing, you will need to make sure that you have all of your fishing gear ready. I doubt you want to bring all of your fishing things with you on your vacation. But, don't worry because most of these shore fishing spots I'll show you have beach fishing gear you can rent. It also helps if you don't plan on fishing a ton and you don't want to buy your own dedicated fishing set. Phew, am I right?


Once you found your gear, you're going to want to cast your line at a suitable spot where fish are likely to gather. Don't worry, it doesn't take much effort to find one. So, just aim for a place where there aren't any people, and it looks like a lot of fantastic fish are staying there. Once you've found your spot, it's time to set up your equipment and bait your hooks with some fresh bait.


The bait should be something that is native to the area and familiar to the fish in order for them to come closer and bite on it. If you don't know what kind of bait is best for this type of fishing, you can usually find plenty of information about it online or at the local stores near where you choose to go shore fishing. The place you end up going to will probably hand you over some bait when you rent the gear, though. Or, you could always just use breadcrumbs as most beginners do!


What Gear Do I need for Shore Fishing?

As I said earlier, don't worry too much about the gear because it will more or less sort itself out. Equipment for shore fishing varies depending on what fishes you want to catch and how serious you are about it. If you're just doing it to relax and you don't care about what you catch, then you pretty much only need a fishing rod and some bait. Basically, some gear is necessary while other equipment is optional. So, as long as you're not trying to catch the fish with your bare hands or a pointy stick like a caveman, you should be more than good to go. Or, you could always try that for some added difficulty! Just don't say you got the idea from me.

Here's a list of things you can use for your shore fishing adventure:


  • A rod and reel combo

  • Fishing line

  • An assortment of hooks and lures

  • A cooler (if you plan on keeping the fish and are allowed to)

  • A bucket


And that's pretty much everything you need to know to start you on your shore fishing journey. Without further ado, let me show you some of the best places in Hawaii for you to visit if you're itching for some shore fishing!


1. Spencer Beach Park

The Spencer Beach Park, located on Hawaii's big island, is home to tons of fish and even better fishing spots. I just love how diverse and plentiful the fish are in this area. You don't even need to go deep beyond the shore to find massive schools of fish just swimming around!


Seriously though, the amount of fish by this shore is borderline insane. You could cast your line and have something bite it within seconds. For beginners, Spencer Beach Park is undoubtedly where you want to go if you want to brag to the people back home that you actually caught something. You may even catch something exciting and unusual as well. I've heard of people in the area that even caught some pufferfish right by the shore! Just remember to be careful about what you catch because some of the fishes here are venomous and not safe to eat or touch!


The catch here is that the fish in this area are accustomed to people on the shore trying to catch them. I've seen these fish masterfully eat the bait off the hook like it was handed to them on a silver platter! The trick you should follow here is to snag the fishing line immediately when you feel a bite on it. You need to be quickly catching some of the fish here, and it may seem impossible at first. But don't you get discouraged because there is just so many fish in this area that you are bound to catch one sooner than later.


2. Anaeho'omalu Bay

Good luck trying to pronounce the name of this area if you plan on going here, but I guarantee it will be worth it! Most of the tourists call this place the A-Bay to make it easier to talk about. I found this beach to be very long. But that just means there are more and better places to go shore fishing. Towards the left side of the beach is where you want to be for shore fishing as there is less sand and even fewer people there. It's a rock area, and the water gets pretty deep, just a bit away from the shore. It makes it the perfect place for fish to gather!


Another wonderful part about the rocky area of the A-Bay is that it makes it the perfect place to set up for shore fishing. Just pick a nice rock to sit on and cast your line! I particularly love how scenic the place is, and it makes the experience so much better. You may even encounter gorgeous sea turtles swimming around if you're lucky!


In terms of fish, there are tons of "exotic" fishes that are incredibly common in this area. For example, I found lionfish to be a really common catch in the A-Bay despite never seeing one in my entire life. Aside from this, I heard amazing fish such as the mahi-mahi, barracudas, and more could be caught here!


If you plan on fishing in the A-Bay, a little tip I'll give you is to look up the weather conditions first because the place is known for its strong wind. Seriously, casting your line in windy weather is no joke, and you may even get hurt in the process. Better safe than sorry!


3. Keahou Harbor

Keahou Harbor is the place you want to go to if you're bringing along your family. It's a chill and relaxing beach with fairly calm weather. It's the perfect place to bring your kids if you want to introduce them to some shore fishing. Or, even if you want them to experience fishing and interact with fish in general!


The bay has two separate sides with great shore fishing spots. On one side, you have a comfy rock wall where small fish like to swim by. This area is where you will want to take your kids, or if you just aren't ready to catch the bigger fish in the area. I found this place to be a good warmup or introduction if you're just starting out. 

On the other side of the beach is a gorgeous pier where there are larger fishes for you to catch. It's usually calm and full of fish, but when the boats are by the harbor, the fish get scared away. Nevertheless, I heard this place is great for shore fishing if you want to fish a little further out from shore. 

The fish that can be found here are beautiful as well. Keahou Bay is filled with all sorts of eels hanging by the shore. If you're lucky, you could catch a nice eel and have it as a delicious snack! You can also find colorful fishes like the famous angelfish and lesser-known breeds like the yellow tang and manini. I researched and found the bay to be great if you want to catch a large assortment of beautiful fish.


4. Hanalei Pier

If you want a shore fishing challenge, I recommend that you head on over to Hanalei Pier and catch something truly memorable. During the summertime, large schools of bigeye scad arrive, making it easy to catch these tiny fishes. The locals of Hawaii call these fishes Akule. They are a good catch in themselves, and you can even catch a lot and have them for a meal. But another reason you want to catch some bigeye scad is to use them as bait for something bigger! 

With all the bigeye scad in the area, it attracts bigger predatory fishes like the Ulua and amberjack. These fish can get as large as young adults and average around the size of a limb or torso. They feed on these baitfish, so there's a pretty decent chance for you to bag one yourself. I believe that would make your shore fishing trip something you will never forget! 

5. Black Rock

I recommend Black Rock less on how great it is for shore fishing, but more on that you shouldn't miss going to this place if you visit Hawaii. Black Rock is located on one of Hawaii's most popular islands: Maui. It's famous for being a black lava peninsula that tons of exotic fish call home. It's a premier snorkeling destination in addition to the fishing spot. 

What makes this place so great is that you could go snorkeling in the morning to see all the kinds of fish they have in the black lava peninsula. Afterward, you could cast your line on the shore and start catching the fish you had the pleasure of seeing! It's the most immersive shore fishing experience Hawaii has to offer, and I definitely recommend it to everyone! 


Hawaii is an amazing vacation destination that's famous worldwide. Shore fishing is one activity that often gets overlooked. But, I believe it is one of the best experiences that Hawaii has to offer! The variety of fish and how beautiful they make it a place I always find myself wishing I was fishing in. Don't hesitate to put some time aside to do some shore fishing on your next vacation!

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Top 5 Best Shore Fishing In Hawaii
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