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Top 5 Highest Paying Diving Jobs In HawaiiTop 5 Highest Paying Diving Jobs in Hawaii


While waiting for my friends as they prepare for our scuba diving experience for today here in Hawaii, I wondered what are the highest paying diving jobs in Hawaii? So I did some research and this is what I found. 

5 Highest Paying Diving Jobs In Hawaii

  1. Engineer Diver
  2. Remote Diver
  3. Technical Diver
  4. Navy Diver
  5. Dive Master

So, while thinking about such things, I have made research about these concerns of mine. And upon researching, I have realized that there are many jobs and kinds of divers especially in the Hawaii Islands for they are surrounded by water and their primary source of income is by the help of different water-related jobs. The top 5 highest paying diving jobs in Hawaii are the following; Engineer Diver, Remote Diver, Technical Diver, Navy Diver, and Dive Master. We will learn more about these jobs as we go further with our conversation.

Difference between Scuba Diving and Deep-Sea Diving

Just because these two words have the word “diving” in it means that they are just the same. They are few differences between these two kinds of diving. Let us compare them and analyze these two kinds.

* Series of training. Deep-sea diving requires proper training and professional specializations. It is considered technical diving as it needs adaptation on the surroundings below the diving zone, while scuba diving is more of a recreational activity that is done for mere observation of the water creatures below the water surface, thus, this doesn’t require much of long training.
* Equipment. Heavy oxygen tanks and specialized tubes? They are the requirements for doing Deep Sea diving activities for this is where this activity relies on such heavy and specific equipment while Scuba diving needs lesser and smaller equipment like wetsuits or drysuits, fins, scuba regulators, and even pressurized gas tanks.
* Exploration. Scuba divers have the freewill of whether they are going to dive deeper and stay longer in the water, while a deep-sea diver is allowed to do deeper explorations than the scuba divers that is why they need to acquire more diving skills.

Top 5 Highest Paying Diving Jobs

Let us now talk about the different high-paying jobs in Hawaii, after all, money doesn’t grow on trees. Maybe we could find them underwater.

1. Engineer Diver

Monthly Salary: $6,992

Annual Salary: $83,904

Being an Engineer Diver means you have to be a professional diver and work with your surroundings while at the same time maintain the functionality of the underwater formations and structures for operational purposes. You are to inspect and supervise all possible repairs and needed professional work that only engineers can handle.

2. Remote Diver

Monthly Salary: $5,852

Annual Salary: $70,226

Remote Divers are the ones responsible for the different Underwater machines used in explorations and deep-sea observations. They are the one operating such machines and at the same time runs maintenance procedures and repairs in the machine. If you have knowledge and experience in such a position, you can try and apply for this kind of job.

3.Technical Diver

Monthly Salary: $5,485

Annual Salary: $65,822

Also called Commercial Divers, these are divers that are commercially hired by different companies for more specific jobs. They install, fix and maintain structures and equipment used underwater like the ocean, lakes, and rivers. They sometimes go and work with a team and in extreme conditions.

Sometimes, Commercial Divers also use scuba diving equipment in taking pictures, conducting tests, and different experiments regarding explosives, historical sites, structures, and diverse marine life underwater. They usually know all the places in their area and what you can find in that specific place and time.

4.Navy Divers

Monthly Salary: $5,223

Annual Salary: $62,677

Navy Divers are responsible for the maintenance, repairs, inspections, and recovery of different underwater submarines, machines, and ships relating to military and federal states. If you want to recover different down-stricken aircraft, conduct operations, and provide naval assistance, this is the right job for you.

Hazardous but exciting, being a Navy Diver will surely give you the thrill of a lifetime.

5.Dive Master

Monthly Salary: $5,122

Annual Salary: $61,461

Dive Masters are the ones who are responsible for creating, leading, and organization of different recreational diving activities for locals and tourists. They are the ones that supervise and serve as guides to the group of divers in their activities. They are also the ones analyzing and assessing the water and it is surrounding so does the weather on their scheduled dive.

If you want to train and instruct individuals or groups who are into such diving activities, this is the right job for you. With proper training and professional schooling, you can be a divemaster in no time.

Though Scuba Diving instructors are not in the top 5 highest paying diving jobs in Hawaii, there is also a need for them on the island. With a monthly salary of $2,788 and an annual salary of $33,451, a scuba diving instructor is responsible for training and teaching individuals and a group of scuba divers what they do, gestures, and where to go while in the observation activity.

There are lots of exciting and fun jobs in the Hawaii islands and it is undeniably worth every dive for it is a new experience every day. I would want to be trained as a scuba diving instructor not only for the money but because of the experience as well. Being one with nature, experiencing the deep ocean, and explore different places is surely a great encounter for everyone.

Hawaii is a place of adventure and exploration. You can live the life that only a few chooses but have the greatest experience and escapades you cannot even begin to imagine. Also called and named “Paradise”, Hawaii will surely give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Ready for your next adventure? Come and enjoy what life can give us and what Hawaii can offer.

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