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What Is The Average Vocal Range For A Man And Woman?

What Is The Average Vocal Range For A Man And Woman?

What Is The Average Vocal Range For A Man And Woman?

The average vocal ranges for men and women are different, and they hinge on a person's voice type. If you're just starting to dabble in the world of music, it's handy to know that there are distinct voice types for both the guys and the gals. To figure out your own vocal range, you gotta know your voice type first.

So, you're wondering what vocal range is, right? Well, vocal range is basically how high and low a singer can go when it comes to hitting those notes. Music might seem complicated to some people, but it's actually pretty straightforward once you get the hang of a few basic ideas. Sure, it's not as easy as 1-2-3, but it's not like trying to lift a boulder either. Believe it or not, practice can help you improve your vocal range! Now, let's dive into the vocal ranges for guys and gals.

For the men

For the average dude, the vocal range is usually between 1.4 to 2 octaves. Keep in mind that this mostly applies to guys who haven't had much vocal training. Fellas who've been practicing or doing music for a while can have a vocal range of around 1.7 to 2.4 octaves, and sometimes even higher! As you know, practice makes perfect. So, if a guy wants to increase his vocal range, it can get way better over time. There are three male voice types: Tenor, Baritone, and Bass.


Tenor is the highest of the male voices, meaning its vocal range is the highest among the guys. That's why tenors have an easier time controlling their head voice, allowing them to sing notes that cross over into the female range. A guy with a tenor voice can have a vocal range of around 1.7-2 octaves.


Baritone is the middle ground for male voices, sitting between the highest and lowest male voices. It's the most common voice type among men. A baritone singer's average vocal range is around 1.4-2 octaves. Most men feel more comfortable at the 1.4 range than at the 2 octaves range, which is why a guy with a baritone voice sings lower than one with a tenor voice.


Bass is the lowest male voice, meaning it also has a low vocal range. So, a guy who sings bass has a much lower vocal range than one who sings baritone or tenor.

For the women

Now, let's talk about the ladies. To understand the average vocal range for a woman, you need to know the three types of female voices: Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, and Contralto.


Soprano is the highest female voice and probably sounds familiar to you. Women who sing soprano can hit high notes that others might struggle with. On average, a soprano's vocal range spans from the A note to the F or G note, which translates to 2-3 octaves. This isn't the vocal range for every soprano, but it's a good benchmark.

Mezzo Soprano

Most women, maybe even your niece, fall into the mezzo soprano category. It's the most common female voice type, sitting between soprano and contralto. A mezzo soprano's vocal range usually lies between the G note and the C note, which is slightly more than 2 octaves. Women with this voice type tend to have a strong middle voice but a weaker head voice compared to sopranos, and their voices are deeper.


Finally, we have contralto, the lowest female voice. It's pretty unique since most women have either a soprano or mezzo soprano voice. Contralto is interesting because it's closer to the highest male voice. The average vocal range for this voice type is around the E note and the G note. Since it's the lowest female voice, women who can sing in this range can often tackle songs typically sung by men. Contralto voices are deeper and richer than mezzo sopranos, so if you're a contralto singer, you can sing lower notes better than a mezzo soprano.

Your range

It's obvious that the vocal ranges of men and women can vary quite a bit. What's really important is that to figure out your own vocal range, you first need to identify the voice type you feel most comfortable singing in. That's where your journey begins. So, get to know your voice type, and have fun exploring your vocal range!

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What Is The Average Vocal Range For A Man And Woman?
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