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By: Von Louis Silva

What Does It Mean When a Dragonfly Lands On You?

You may be just basking in the sun when a dragonfly suddenly landed on you, making you wonder, "what is the meaning of a dragonfly landing on you?". I did some research and it turns out, having a dragonfly land on you signifies good luck. I've also read that the ancient Chinese culture considers this event an opportunity to make a wish to the 7 Heavens and the Gods, claiming the Gods would be able to hear wish while the dragonfly is on you. However, certain cultures believe the presence of these insects is a bad omen. Let's find out more below.

Brief Introduction to Dragonflies

Dragonflies have been around for over 300 million years already, isn't that amazing? Also, the older species of dragonflies are bigger than what we see today. One fossilized remain had a shocking wingspread of almost 3 feet.

These insects are generally harmless, but they were still given nicknames with bad meanings. They have also inspired several myths due to their beautiful wings, elusiveness, and erratic flight patterns.

Considered one of the fastest insects in the world, one record in Australia shows that a dragonfly fled at the speed of 36 mph. There are also so many dragonfly species, around 5,000 species are currently discovered.

Some Nicknames for These Insects

Although dragonflies are merely beautiful and harmless creatures, they still harbored these negative nicknames:

* Snake Doctor - dragonflies were said to protect snakes, healing them when injured and even bringing them back from the dead.
* Adder's Servant - similar to the snake doctor, this nickname was given because of their association with snakes.
* Devil's Needle - children were told that the dragonflies sew the mouths of bad children as they slept.

Symbolism of a Dragonfly Landing on You, According to Different Cultures

Each culture has a different interpretation of the meaning of a dragonfly landing on us humans. To make things easier for you, I have looked into the topic myself and separated them by culture.

Chinese Culture

As previously stated, the traditional Chinese culture believes that it is good luck to have a dragonfly land on you. It was also claimed that such occurrence means the Gods are currently listening to you, and they will grant your wish.

However, modern Chinese people don't really believe in this superstition anymore, except for some who still live in agricultural villages. The dragonfly was generally considered the symbol of harmony and balance by the dynasties and emperors until the early 20th Century, calling these insects the "eater of the wind".

Japanese Culture

Like the Chinese people, dragonflies are admired by the Japanese people as well. The noble samurai admired these insects, particularly their beautiful colors, serenity, gracefulness, and interesting flight patterns. Those who meditate in the ways of Bushido also believed that dragonflies represent victory.

Bushi warriors, or those who practice the Japanese Bushido, considered a dragonfly interacting with you a sign of prosperity, blessing, money, change, or good luck in the future. Furthermore, they also believe that dragonflies represent the two seasons - autumn and spring.

Western European Culture

Sadly, not all cultures appreciated dragonflies. From the Dark Ages until the Medieval Era, western Europeans tried their best to kill these insects whenever and wherever they could, believing they were sent by Lucifer. They even called dragonflies "The Devil's Needle". This belief of theirs led to the devastating deaths of these amazing insects.

From 1,200 A.D. till 1,600 A.D., dragonflies were said to grasp the souls of the dying or those near their waters. After this, the western Europeans said the insects would report back to Lucifer for him to be able to make the needed preparations.

Fortunately, this made things a little better for dragonflies. They were protected during this period since people believed having these insects would reduce evil souls that cling to this world.


For cultures who don't believe in superstitions, dragonflies are simply beautiful and colorful flying insects. While it is safe to say that a dragonfly landing on you is a rare occurrence, the interpretation varies depending on the culture you belong to. Some cultures think nicely of them, while the others don't, unfortunately, even trying to kill them if possible. Thankfully, most cultures today see dragonflies as majestic and wonderful creatures.

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