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7 Gifts for Nurses You Should Consider Giving the Nurse in Your Life

February 09, 2020 4 min read

Over 90% of nurses report moderate to high-stress levels due to their demanding careers. 

If there’s a loved one in your life who is a nurse, it’s always a good time to show them you appreciate their hard work. They spend their long workdays taking care of others, and this is a chance for you to relieve some of their stress by taking care of them for a change. 

Keep reading to discover the top gifts for nurses you should consider giving.

1. Phone Case Wallet

Phone case wallets make good gifts for nurses and other healthcare providers. 

During a typical shift, a nurse has to carry a lot of supplies around with them in just a few pockets. They may have bandage scissors, antibacterial wipes, paperwork, pens, and a work phone. This leaves very little room for their personal items.

While they may have access to a locker, very few people feel comfortable placing their cell phone or wallet inside. With a wallet phone case, one accessory holds all their personal items and takes up only a small portion of a pocket.

There are even fun nurse-themed wallet phone cases available.

2. Stethoscope

A stethoscope isn't just a cute icon to represent healthcare workers. It's an important tool they use multiple times during a day of work. 

Stethoscopes aren't cheap, but they are necessary. Make sure your nurse has all the equipment they need to do their work by buying them a stethoscope as a gift. 

Spend the extra money to get a high-quality stethoscope and have it engraved with their name. Since these can be expensive and are used by everyone, they can often come up lost or stolen in a healthcare-setting. By personalizing one for your nurse, it'll help them keep track of it. 

3. Coffee Mug or Thermos

Nurses traditionally work 12-hour shifts. And many times they work multiple 12-hour shifts back to back. This makes caffeine an essential element of any nurse's daily routine. 

A coffee mug or thermos is a nurse gift that won’t go unused.

To really impress them, make sure to purchase something that’s insulated. That way their coffee can stay warm for hours. It’s a sad moment when a nurse pours a hot cup of coffee only to be called away by a patient before taking a sip.

Add in a bag of their favorite coffee beans or a gift card to a local coffee shop to complete the gift. 

4. Shoes

During a normal 12-hour day shift, the average nurse will walk up to five miles. Nurses are constantly on their feet, running from patient room to patient room and even to other floors in the healthcare facility. 

All of this walking really adds up, and if a nurse doesn't have supportive shoes, their body will suffer. Supportive shoes aren't cheap, and a nurse may go through multiple pairs in one year due to all their walking. 

To give them a gift they'll truly appreciate and use, buy them a pair of specialized shoes. Invite them out to a shoe store and have them get their posture and walking style tested. Then, buy them the perfect pair for the way they walk. 

5. Smartwatch

We've already established that nurses walk a lot during a typical shift. This makes a smartwatch another great gift for nurses. 

The number one thing they can use a smartwatch for is as a fitness tracker. They can keep on eye on their steps and know just how many calories they're burning in a day. Many smartwatches also have features that track your heartbeat and stress levels, remind you to breathe or take a break as needed. 

Nurses also need watches so that they can use the second hand to help them keep count. Smartwatches have multiple watch faces to choose from, so they can find one that easily lets them track time. This makes it easier for nurses to count respirations and track pulses. 

The last reason that a smartwatch is a great gift is that they can quickly check text messages, emails, and missed calls. Nurses are busy, but that doesn't mean that emergencies with families and friends don't happen. A smartwatch will help keep them in the look communication-wise without impacting their level of care. 

6. Scrubs or Nursing Apparel 

No one really likes to buy work clothes for themselves, especially when a uniform is involved. Let the nurse in your life spend their money on fun things while you buy them scrubs. 

Find out if your nurse has to wear a certain color or style of scrubs before purchasing them. If not, buy scrubs that represent their workplace or personality. Bright, colorful scrubs with cartoon characters is the perfect option for someone who works in a children's hospital. 

To add some fun to your gift, throw in a few items of nurse-themed apparel.

7. Hand Lotion

Healthcare professionals are encouraged to wash their hands every time they enter or leave a patient's room. Studies reveal that some nurses wash their hands as many as 100 times per shift.

All that hand washing keeps both them and their patients as germ-free as possible. This is extremely important in a sterile environment. But, that hand washing can quickly dry out a nurse's skin, especially during cold winter months. 

To combat dry hands, nurses use a lot of hand lotion. Help them fund their supply with a few bottles of your favorite lotion as a gift. Make sure the lotions you choose are extra moisturizing and maybe even include some essential oils for stress-relief. 

Thank Your Loved One With These Gifts for Nurses

Each of the above options makes great gifts for nurses. Choose a special occasion, like a birthday or nurses appreciation week, to spoil your healthcare provider. 

Once you’re done shopping for the nurse in your life, don’t forget about all your other deserving loved ones.

For all the best gifts to show you care, shop the rest of our site. We have gifts for everyone ranging from dedicated teachers to camping enthusiasts

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