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Nurses Rock! 13 Things Only Nurses Would Know

August 09, 2017 2 min read

You know you’re a true nurse when every corner you turn you hear……“nurse!” “nurseeeee!” “nurse! Sometimes even when you’re right about to fall asleep. But even with the exhausting hours you know that there would be no other job that would give you the same feeling of satisfaction than this one.
You’ve all gotten those patients that seem to have no idea of the concept of politeness, but for every one of those kind of patients, you know ten others that has touched our soul in some way. Nurses tend to have qualities that don’t naturally come to everyone else very easily. It takes patience, care, respect, and the utmost compassion. Some of you have seen the first breath of a newborn baby, all the way to the final moments of the elderly. You are present for a part of their lives that may be one of the most personal. Even with the not-so-friendly experiences, you wouldn’t want to have it any other way.
Nurses have their own universe that only they understand. Here are some top things that fellow nurses can relate to:
1. Need some water yet not enough time to get a bottle. Oh look? This specimen cup will get the job done.
2. When you deal with bodily fluids all day, vicks is the magical savior that will give your mask a shield to the smells.
3. Seeing a patient recover and having all pride and happiness in the world.
4. All of your friends on facebook start posting “tgif!!” Pictures and you remember them asking when your days off are..ONLY To grudgingly answer that you have none.
5. Normal sleep schedules don’t exist in your life.
6. That moment of time where you think to yourself “am i one person, or twenty?” Because of course the phone would ring for the nth time at the busiest part of your day.
7. Reading your doctors handwriting is just as hard as decrypting the davinci code.
8. When the entire unit is actually quiet and you get worried something is wrong
9. The one thing they didn’t teach you in nursing school is how to eat your lunch in a speed of 10 seconds. That’s all in field stuff.
10. Nudity? Ha! You’ve dealt with more third nipples and naked parts that it doesn’t even phase you anymore.
11. How big of a difference a 12 hour shift feels like compared to a 16 hour shift.
12. Those dreaded words of “oh you’re a nurse?! Let me ask you….” And your family members insist on having a complete health diagnostic.
13. Gloves. If it isn’t yours and it’s wet, use gloves.
Can you think of any other things nurses could add to this? Let me know in the comments below!

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